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North west gambling board mirage casino host

While the issue of provincial and national competence is complex, the applicant did not properly canvass the substantive issue in his written submissions and the respondents did not discuss it at all in north west gambling board. Relying upon section 23 1 of the Act, which provides that service on the chairperson of the Board constitutes service on the Bosrd, the Court held that there existed no need to cite both the chairperson and the Board as separate parties. It is obard advisable to speculate on what the outcome of a constitutional investigation might have been if the provision had in fact been so tailored.

The nrth intent is not to uncover a breach of the Act: This is unlikely to happen where, for nortth, the premises contain sizable gambling equipment. The provisions of section 65 1 authorising an inspector to enter an unlicensed premises without a warrant are unconstitutional and invalid. They also argue that the Act fits into the standard for permissible warrantless regulatory searches adopted by the United States Supreme Court in New York v Burger. The Court stated that businesses have lower expectations of privacy as to the disclosure of relevant information to the public and authorities: Section 65 1 could achieve its purpose through the requirement of gamblung prior warrant. The applicant is correct that the right to privacy extends beyond the north west gambling board sanctum of the home.

Magajane v Chairperson, North West Gambling Board (CCT49/05) [] ZACC 8; (10) BCLR (CC) ; (5) SA ; (2). North West Gambling Board (NWGB) Videos. Matric Papers · Sports Update; Log In | Register. North West Gambling Board (NWGB) Videos. SEARCH · HOME. North West Gambling Board (NWGB) North West Gambling Board (NWGB). Physical: University Drive, Mmabatho, , South Africa Tel:

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